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Funny Facebook Halloween Wall Post

by ljbqpmpsrr

We all like a bit of humour here at Ace Fancy Dress, it makes the day go by in a lighthearted fashion! With all the mod cons within the social networking world, we’re constantly trying to find humorous antidotes to add to our Facebook and Twitter feeds just to help you through the day! With Halloween been and gone we’ve got to say that one of our most amusing Facebook posts for Halloween was our rather rude Halloween pumpkin post.

We thought that with the colder weather setting in at the end of October and to end a successful Halloween season, our many Facebook fans would like a cheap laugh.

So here it is – this cheeky little post made us all smile:

Ace Fancy Dress

Happy Halloween
Like · Comment · October 31 at 5:07am ·

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Homeyra Iranian, Destini Quinones, Michael Fasosin and 10 others like this.
Timothy Smith jesus thats what i call scary lmfao
October 31 at 5:31am
Darren Skaddy Snoman tim, why would you get your bum out lmao
October 31 at 5:37am
Lisa Cantrill OMG THAT ONE BIGGG ‘BUMKIN’ LMFAO eeeww =]
October 31 at 5:46am
Ace Fancy Dress Were trying to work out whether its Kim Kardashian or not? icon razz Funny Facebook Wall Post
October 31 at 5:55am
Kate Hardie Ollie, is that you?!
October 31 at 6:35am
Timothy Smith does my arse look big with this paint on
October 31 at 6:36am
Ace Fancy Dress Ha Kate Hardie that would be telling!
October 31 at 6:54am
Aimee Roffe lol
October 31 at 10:05am
Nezam Uddin loooooooooool
October 31 at 11:19am
Susan Foubister Bloomin scary! :0
October 31 at 1:05pm
Patryk Kwiatkowski WTF
October 31 at 1:40pm
Patryk Kwiatkowski LOL
October 31 at 1:40pm
Laurence Jackson wd av bn even btr if she was avin a big fat poo!! it wd look like she was smokiin a cigar !!!
November 1 at 2:33am
Mandy Simms stella what a big arse you have…..LOLxx
November 1 at 1:18pm

To check out the post in its full glory have a look at our Facebook wall. Why not go that extra yard and like us on our Facebook page facebook like buton Funny Facebook Wall Post.

This article was taken from our fancy dress blog post.

This article was published on Wednesday 14 December, 2011.

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