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How To Paint The Perfect St Georges Flag

by Ace Fancy Dress

St Georges day and other national sport related events are great excuses for going out and getting dressed up! It's fantastic when you see a sea of faces all painted with the St Georges flag showing unity and support for the national team. Thanks to the experts at Snazaroo, here's how you paint the perfect St Georges flag:

Face painting is an ideal way to express your support for your team. Wear your colours with pride and make the occasion even more fun with Snazaroo face paints.

England Supporter’s Flag

Face painting guide - England stage 1

Step one - Make sure your face is clean and get your Snazaroo brushes ready.

Face painting guide - England stage 2

Step two - Then with Clown White, create a white base on the face without any need for water.

Face painting guide - England stage 3

Step three - Finally use Bright Red to draw the England Flag on the face to support the England Team.

This article was provided with thanks to Snazaroo.

Ace Fancy Dress


This article was published on Thursday 18 August, 2011.

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